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UltraLight MLA 1.0


OM0ET  UltraLight Magnetic Loop Antenna v.1.0 (MLA)

Welcome to my website about this very small and ultra compact UltraLight MLA antenna for HF bands. 

This improved great home made QRP UltraLight MLA antenna is working now for 100% ok. For measuring i used the QRP transceiver XIEGU X5105. SWR on all bands is min. 1.1 
This MLA is working from 7MHz to 28.6MHz continuisly and CB band is covered too. Weight is only 530 grams. No switch is needed. 
It's a QRP version for 5 to 10W max. 

Large loop diameter: approx. 45cm ( lenght is 1190 mm ) 
Small loop diameter: approx. 13cm ( lenght is 445 mm ) 
Capacitor: air type with 380pF+320pF (700pF) with small gearbox reduction 
Large loop is made from Nordix MWC 10/50 microwave coaxial cable (can be used RG213U)
Small loop made from 2,5mm PVC isolated copper wire. 

YouTube videos links ( my channel ):

https://youtu.be/qIAXcUlxvNY (3th version UltraLight MLA - foldable construction)

https://youtu.be/Nfundq0cC7o (2nd version UltraLight MLA Improved)

https://youtu.be/I3JkOxrT9QY (1st version UltraLight MLA - how to do)

https://youtu.be/FGiD-eX98og (QRP trip with MLA)

https://youtu.be/5vhuqIwj3R8 (QSO with Peter HB9UQX)

Any questions? Contact me here

Download (click on picture) schematic diagram PDF here:
OM0ET UltraLight MLA antenna
OM0ET Ultralight Magnetic Loop Antenna
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