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Linear POWER SUPPLY UNIT (PSU) 13,8V / 20A
home made project

Welcome to my website about this very simple home made Power Supply Unit for my 100W transceiver ICOM 7610.
This PSU can handle max. 20A and output voltage is 13,8V. You can see all my work on this equipment included drilling, brushing, soldering, cleaning, measuring and the final testing at home with ICOM 7610 transceiver. Video was recorded during 4 days and was cutted as more as possible :-D so I hope you will enjoy it. 
- - - 
Special thanks to Roman OM0ARZ for schematic diagram design. 
- - - 
Total cost of this PSU project was about 40€ 
Metalic black case link:

Width:   234 mm
Hight:    124 mm
Depth:   217 mm

Toroidal linear Power Supply Unit:

You can find many switching PSUs for your transceiver. This technology allow to create a small, lightweight and powerful power source,
but internal switching may produce noise and this causing many problems, specially on lower bands like 160 and 80M.
This was a soultion what i decide to build an old good linear power source for my ICOM 7610 transceiver. 
Internal parts are overrated due to better stability of an entire PSU. The biggest limited element is only toroid core.

In the video you can see the process from naked metalic case to drilling, brushing, soldering and final measurments and testing in real conditions at home.

I wish you have fun with your own PSU home made project! 

YouTube video link ( my channel ):  (Home made Power Supply Unit 13,8V / 20A )

Other sources:   Metalic case (Internet shop in Czech Rep.)

Any questions? Contact me here

PSU 13,8V / 20A schematic diagram
OM0ET Ultralight Magnetic Loop Antenna
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